During Production Check

During Production Check

Product Description

During Production Check (DUPRO) provides the customer with the opportunity to discover and solve potential quality problems when a certain percentage of the products are manufactured. If there are any quality related problems at this particular stage, the customer may discuss with the manufacturer to find the best solution and still be able to meet with the shipment date.

Once an order has been placed we will be on hand to provide a DUPRO. At approximately the 30% completion range we will go and assess the finished products. This will ensure all products and requirement s are being adhered to.

DUPRO prove to be very important and cost effective both in terms of relationship repour and cost of manufacturing. Chinese manufacturers are often impressed when a company makes the effort to perform DUPRO as it is beneficial to all parties. Full DUPRO inspection reports are produced after assessments are made. Full photographic and video footage are also included.

Even if there is no quality problems found during the check, DUPRO checks enable the customer to see the actual production status and thus have a better estimate regarding the shipment date.

By using DUPRO checks, the customer gets a certain control over the manufacturing process and is able to solve potential problems at the right time.

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